U is for US because unschooling involves all of us, as a family. It's not just all about the kids.

N is for NOTEBOOKS...both the electronic and the paper kind. They're both staples in our lives. Shopping lists, notes to each other, writing stories, drawing cartoons, daddy's ever growing to-do list, phone numbers and much, much more.

S is for spyro, star wars, saddle club, saturday morning cartoons, star trek, storytelling, space, spy kids and stellaluna.

C is for CHOICES. "You've got a lot of choices. If getting out of bed in the morning is a chore and you're not smiling on a regular basis, try another choice". -Steven D. Woodhull

H is for HOME...our haven...our headquarters.

O is for OUTSIDE! We spend as much time as we want with friends at the park, swimming in our pool, watching the clouds, riding bikes and looking at bugs.

O is for OUTER SPACE - Jacqueline's passion for space has taken her in many directions like our trip to the Kennedy Space Center where she got to meet an astronaut and the Orlando Science Center where she viewed Jupiter through a telescope and buidling a replica of the Apollo rocket

L is for LATE morning sleeping. :-)


kimzyn said...

I see your family also considers it a big plus to sleep in!

Joanne said...

hee-hee...actually I'm the one who really loves it. LOL! They're usually up before me.