Orlando Science Center

We took a day trip and visited the Orlando Science Center on Saturday. The exhibits were all very "hands on" and encouraged experimenting and we saw a laser show called StarQuest in the cinedome.

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The best part was seeing Jupiter and the Moon in the Observatory.

I was disapointed with their "science store" though. I went there prepared to buy some cool stuff but nothing seemed worth the money. It was all stuff I could buy elsewhere (science kits, books, videos) for a lot less.

Here's Billy playing around at one of their exhibits:

About halfway through our visit, Jacqueline met a little girl there named Rowan, who was with her grandmother. We ended up with them for the rest of the time and she gave Rowan her e-mail address when they left. :-)

All in all...a great time and a fun day.


Jan said...

Maybe we should meet up sometime!! I remember chatting with you a year or two ago! Have you joined my unschooling group yet?


Joanne said...

Hi Jan! Good to "see" you here!
:-) I'm not sure if I joined, I will check though. If not, I'll join up today. Thanks for the link.