Rocket Girl

I've previously posted about Jacqueline's passion about space. She decided that she wanted to build a model of the Apollo rocket to hang in her room so she started collecting paper towel and toilet paper cardboard rolls and asked Daddy (Billy) for his help. He got a bunch of PVC pipes and fittings from his shed and they set their stuff out on the screen room table. They used the cardboard from a roll of Christmas wrapping paper and fittings to attach each stage and a 4" bolt for the antenna.

They wrapped the whole thing in masking tape and the next day they painted it.

She decided to name it Apollo Rocket "Daddy" and the LEM (which is the return module) "Mommy Love". :-)

The finished product hanging on Jacqueline's ceiling. In this picture you can also see the planets that they put up a few months ago.


Anonymous said...

I love my daughter!!

great pictures, joanne. :)