Day One

I decided to start this blog after thinking about it for a while. I've been looking for a way to record and journal our adoption and homeschooling journey and this seems to be a good way to do it.
So without further ado....a day in our life.

We had planned on going to the library today. I have another big box of books to donate to the library bookstore and Shawna wanted to look some stuff up in the encyclopedia, but it was raining all day and my allergies we really bad, so we ended up staying home.
Cimion helped me clean the house, he vacuumed and did the dishes while I dusted and did laundry. The girls were involved in some serious pretend play, first starting out as lawyers and ending up as lesbian partners to the life size barbie doll queen.
Let me explain. :-)
After being lawyers for a while, they declared that the life size Barbie was the queen. Then they took turns being the servent girl and the boy who wants to marry the queen. When it was Jacqueline's turn to be the boy, she decided she really didn't want to but she still wanted to be able to marry the queen. We had just had a discussion about what being gay means so I told her that she could pretend she was a lesbian that way she could still be a girl and marry the queen. She thought that was a great idea.
After helping me clean, Cimion played
The Oregon Trail We've been discussing Colonial America a lot lately and because of that, he's really been into this game.
It's been a few days now that Shawna is off Adderall and things seems to be going okay. With her not being cooped up in school for hours and hours any more, taking her off the ADHD medication was something I've been wanting to do for a while. She has the freedom to play on our playset or ride her bike whenever she wants, instead of being told to sit still and concentrate when she doesn't want to. At 10 years old, she rediscovering what it means to be a child and is having the time of her life. :-)
What we're reading:
Jacqueline: My mom the Frog by Debbie Dayde
Shawna: Barbie: The Turquoise Trail Mystery
Cimion: Childhood of Famous Americans: Albert Einstein
Me: Raising Children Who Think For Themselves: Elisa Medhus
Billy: The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom: Suze Ormand
What we're watching:
Little Women
What we're playing: