An Unschooling Life Is Moving!

Update: 6/28
I hope everyone is doing great!! I'm still around and will be back soon with the new blog and Unschooling Voices blog carnival. Things here have been more hectic than normal around here and I'm planning on getting back here mid July. Hope you're having a joyful June! :-)

After a lot of going back and forth, I've decided to to a self hosted wordpress blog. Like I said in the post below, I've already moved my adoption blog and even though it was bumpy at first, I love it. I'll update again when I start moving. Thanks!


Quick Update

Hey everybody! I've been having some issues with blogger and may begin moving to wordpress. I've already moved my adoption blog.

Thank you to Summer for hosting Unschooling Voices #14. I know I'm late in posting about it (and that I haven't updated the main UV page yet) but I've been extra swamped lately and I will definitely take care of it next week.