Kennedy Space Center

We just got back from a three day mini-vacation to Cocoa Beach (in Florida) and the Kennedy Space Center. If you read this blog with any regularity, then you know that my youngest daughter Jacqueline has a passion for space and that passion was one of the reasons we went. My husband is also a space cadet (LOL) and the two of them enjoyed themseves very, very much.
Some of the cool highlights was Jacqueline meeting and taking her picture with
John Blaha, watching the two 3-D imax films, the moon walk simulation at the Astronaut Hall of Fame and all the cool stuff we bought at the reasonably priced gift shop.
We went a day early and stayed at a place called
Wakulla Suites, which is right off the beach. Nice place, heated pool, lousey beds. LOL
When we were leaving KSC, they told us we could validate our passes for the next day and come at no extra cost. If we had known that ahead of time, we would have booked an extra night at the hotel. The next morning, after changing our mind several times we decided to go back. :-)
If you have a chance to come this way, I highly recommend it. We all had a great time.