Our homeschooling bulletin board

Billy loves to hear about the fun things we do while he's working, but by the time he gets home, we're usually doing other fun things and we forget to tell him what we did during the day. He does read this blog (Hi Billy!) but I was looking for something that he could take a quick glance at when he gets home.

We pulled out an old bulletin board from the attic and I wrote the heading "Our Week of Homeschool Fun" at the top. On it, we stick receipts from places we shopped, ate at or visited, notes with movies, games or books we enjoyed, things we make, friends we hang out with, etc. We didn't hang it on the wall.
It's a free roaming bulletin board. :-) It tends to get moved around from room to room as we need it.

It's been a great visual reminder for us to tell him about our days and we even started including things that we do on the weekends.

Here's a photo of what it looks like this morning:

We posted about the
rocket they made, our time capsule, Shawna's weekly storytelling club, and that Jacqueline treated me to tea and a donut while Shawna was in there, playing our new favorite card game Sleeping Queens (which was invented by a 6 year old girl!), some Eyewitness videos we watched (they love those!) and a recent day of gaming, book shopping and Chinese lunch.


~DanaB~ said...

Hello :)

What a WONDERFUL idea that bulletin board! Thanks so much for sharing with us out here.
I really enjoyed your blog, tis fantastic to read about other unschoolers!


Joanne said...

Thanks! I'm glad you liked my idea. The bulletin board is working out well here. One of the first things Billy does when he comes home is look at it. :-)

Mama Chaos said...

Oh that looks like fun! What a great idea. :D

Joanne said...

Thanks! I may post a photo of it again when we update it. I'm amazed it came out so well in the photo I took.