It's moment like this...

We went to the library yesterday because Shawna (age 11) is part of a storytelling club that meets there on Tuesdays. Jacqueline (age 8) & I usually shop in their second hand book store, go to Dunkin' Donuts or wander around the library looking for books to check out.
Jacqueline is well known (and well liked) by the librarians and as we walked in, one of them came over to her and said (knowing that Jacqueline is passionate about space) "I was thinking of you the other day when I watched the shuttle come back. Did you get to see it?" Jacqueline told her yes, she saw it come back on TV and that she watched it go up, with her dad, about a mile from our house.
Then a while later another librarian walked up to her and asked her if she enjoyed the book that she recommended last time. Jacqueline had previously mentioned to her that she enjoys Shel Silverstein's writings and the librarian suggested she read
The Giving Tree Jacqueline thanked her and told her that she enjoyed it every much, and that she had even received one of his books for Christmas.

That's my unsocialized homeschooler. :-)

Before we left to go to the library, we watched some of President Ford's funeral service on TV. When we arrived at the library, Jacqueline went over to the desk and was talking to one of the librarians. I saw them both walk over to a section of books and sit down on the floor, pulling some off the shelf. I walked over, curious to see what Jacqueline was interested in borrowing and saw that they were sitting by the section of books on presidents. The librarian asked her if this was required reading for school and Jacqueline said "No, I'm homeschooled...I teach myself. We watched a president's funeral today and it made me interested in learning more about the presidents. That's how I am, you know. I hear about something or see something and I think to myself-that's interesting, I'd like to know more about that. So then when I come here I look for books and videos on it".

That's my "how-will-they-learn-without-a-curriculum?" unschooler. :-)

After Shawna's storytelling club finished, she wanted to look for some books (she's into Nancy Drew right now) and started talking to a 9 year old public- schooled girl. Shawna started telling her about the books she likes (The Saddle Club, Babysitters Club) and the girl told her that her dad "makes her come to the library every week so she can get smart". Then she told Shawna that "she only pretends to read them and her dad doesn't know because he doesn't ever read them with her". Shawna was very surprised that someone would lie about reading and she asked her where her dad was. She pointed over to where the computers were and said "He goes on the internet when we come here".
*sigh* :-(