Time Capsule '07

It's a year later and time to dig up last years time capsule.

First we looked at the map that we made last year.

Then we started digging...

After about an hour, we found it but most of the contents didn't make it, so this year we're not going to bury it in the yard. Dad (Billy) helped us to carefully take out whatever we could salvage.

We're making another one today and we'll keep it on the top shelf of one of our closets. The contents will be:

1. a current photograph
2. a self portrait using colored pencils.
3. a hand tracing.
4. a list of their favorite's (food, snack, drink, movie, playstation game, computer game, book, web site and Christmas gift).
5. what job they would like to have when they get older.
6. something that they would like to learn about or learn to do in 2007.
7. a list of their New Year resolutions.

Here are the girls working on it this morning, after breakfast, still in their pj's.

Thank you to Shannon at
Homeschool Hacks for sharing my idea. Check out her site for more fun ideas.