Unschooling Voices #11

Happy New Year and welcome to Unschooling Voices #11!

This edition has 11 participants and 13 submissions. Take your time and stop by all these great blogs. Leave a comment while you're there and tell them we sent you! :-)

Pam Genant over at
Meanderings of a Gentle Gull shares her unschooling journey with us by telling us what brought her and her family to unschooling. She also posted about something that comes up a lot on the unschooling lists, candy and sugar.

Colleen, who blogs at
The New Unschooler whose submissions "shows that I'm learning a thing or two about respecting my child's feelings and taking him seriously. It's about two very similar situations with vastly different outcomes. What made the difference? The first time I fell back on my standard parental response and the second time I applied the principles of unschooling. You can probably guess which scenario produced the happy ending".

Becky submitted a post from her blog
Life Without School and says "My six year old son is learning to read, and I didn’t teach him how!"

Stephanie from
Learning Through Living answers the (always optional) question of the month with her post.

Mandy at
Second To The Right, And Straight On Till Morning also submitted a post answering this months question.

Mary Nix, Editor and Writer for Home Education Magazine (and someone who has given a lot to the homeschooling community) says she wrote her post after being inspired by this months question.

Sally shares a post "about my intention to revisit my January posts from previous years blogging. I find that I'm often revisiting the same issues. However, it is fascinating to find how much you also move on over time, sometimes, pleasingly, toward the goals you hold".

From the
Life Without School community blog, comes a post by Tammy who says "Letting my kids have their own intellectual jam sessions, that's what we are doing when we let them follow their interests. And when I can (which is pretty often), I jam right along with them. And together, we make music."

Also from the
Life Without School Community Blog, Robin submitted a post on a topic that came up recently on one of the unschooling lists...Unschooling As A Single Parent by Becky.

Silvia over at
Po Moyemu updates us on her radical unschooling journey.

Robin from
The Miracle That Is My Life says this about her submission, "We are doing our best to live a radical unschooling life and learn respectful parenting. This particular entry is about my son's transition into toddlerhood and the beginning of the demands for autonomy. Our RU life looks a lot different now that Sam is no longer just a cheerful little soul concentrating all his efforts on putting one foot in front of the other. His undersanding of the world and his place in it grows every moment of every day and he wants to experience everything and has developed a fine and hearty voice of protest. Learning to respect this is both challenging and extraordinarily wonderful to me."

Rounding up the posts is my submission, which is an older one, being I haven't been blogging much these last couple of months. Here are some pictures from a recent day out with our
homeschool group to a nature trail.

There you have it! Thank you to everyone who participated this month. Unschooling Voices is going to be doing a bit of travelling the next few months, starting at Kim's blog, Relaxed Homeskool for Unschooling Voices #12. If anyone is interested in hosting a future edition, let me know. I've posted Kim's question for the next edition-don't forget to send them in before Feb 1st. :-)

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy this edition!