Interesting Posts Around The Blogosphere

Even though I haven't been writing here to much these last few weeks, I have been visiting with some of my favorite bloggers. Here's some posts that turned up on my google feed reader.

Shannon at Phat Mommy blogged about something called The Wheel of Life, which sounds like a good tool for establishing goals in the coming year. I'll think about mine and post it later.

This post from Karen, author of Mamma Zen hit home with me, particularly at this point in my life. As I go through my mothers house, I'm sad to find beautifully wrapped candles and nice dishes waiting for "just the right time" to be used. That time will never come. I made a promise to myself (and a silent one to mom) to use all those candles and dishes NOW, while I'm alive to enjoy them.

A good reminder for a new year from Lisa at Do Life Right in this post titled Choosing Zen.

A great post from Holly at Unschool Days and one that I can relate to. I love the last paragraph.

***** Enjoy! *****

**Edited To Add**

Edition #11 of Unschooling Voices will be out today (or the latest tomorrow morning) but I wanted to let you know that #12 will be hosted by Kim at Relaxed Homeskool!! As soon as I get #11 posted, I'll update the Unschooling Voices Main Page with her question of the month but you check her blog to see if she posted it yet. Submissions go to the same e-mail address as usual. I think we have a host for lucky #13 so if somebody wants to host #14, please let me know! I'd like it to be someone who has at least participated a couple of times. Check back later on for Unschooling Voices #11. As usual, we had some really terrific blog posts submitted. :-)