Reminder and hello!!

Just a quick post to say hello! :-) Your e-mails have meant the world to me. The support I receive from my online buddies always makes me feel thankful.

I've been working on the next edition of Unschooling Voices which will be out on June 1st. There's still time to partcipate if you haven't sent in your submission already. Check the post below this one or click Unschooling Voices in the sidebar. Please help spead the word by posting a link on your blog or website.

Also, I just created an Unschooling Voices group on Flickr. Stop by and add your photographs for this edition! It's totally brand new and empty! Let's fill it up with unschooling. :-)

I have a lot to share with all of you and I'll be back to regular postings after June 1st. (((Hugs))) :-)


Stine said...

I'm so full of admiration towards all of you home/unschoolers. It's not really an option in this country (norway), and I'm not sure I could do it... hence the admiration!
Thanks for the visit.

Mandy said...

That's great! I just posted two. Anxious to see more from others. Hope your mom is doing well!