What unschooling 'looks" like.

This month I asked the participants of Unschooling Voices to share pictures of what unschooling currently "looks" like in their family. To me...unschooling is about having the time and freedom to express yourself and follow your heart. That's what these pictures reflect.

Jacqueline (front) and Shawna play with a rotten egg. Why? Because it's gooey and fun.

Shawna (left-age 11) and Jacqueline (age 8) both bridged this year in Girl Scouts. Bridging is when you move up a level. Shawna, who just started Girl Scouts this year, moved from a Junior to a Cadet. Jacqueline, who is a four year Girl Scout, went from Brownies to Junior.

Jacqueline has been making Barbie doll clothes...out of balloons. Balloons!!! I'm inspired by her creativity.

One day I walked in Jacqueline's room and noticed her blackboard. This is what she does for fun.

These photos are part of the Unschooling Voices Flickr group. All participants of Unschooling Voices are welcome to add their photographs.