Update on Unschooling Voices # 9

Being it's already the middle of the month, I'm going to wait until June 1st to put our edition #9. My mom just came home after being in the hospital for over two months and getting her set up with in-home care has become more time consuming than I originally thought.

Feel free to continue sending n your submissions until May 31. :-) See the
Unschooling Voices main page for details.

Thanks so much for understanding. I love the submissions I've received so far!


kelli said...

Hehe, trying to send you an e-mail with my blog but can't find the link :)

I wrote a post for May :)

Joanne said...

The e-mail is unschoolingvoices@yahoo.com

I'm looking forward to reading it!!

Madeleine said...

Good luck to you and your mom. I hope she gets better! I can relate from back in 2005. Along the unschooling notes, my son, 19, who was homeschooled in the non-traditional way, is wanting to go to college, but online. I have to get a diploma for him and hope that the various online programs will accept him. He wants to be a Computer Programmer like his uncle. Any thoughts on what to do?

unschooler said...

Doc referred me to the blog. I'm looking for secular homeschooling voices...looks like this is the place.