Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Bands (past & present) I Like

1: Godsmack
Alice in Chains
Led Zeppelin
The Sex Pistols
The Dead Boys
The Beatles

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Mikala said...

Welcome and Happy TT!

All are great bands! Good choices.

I'm up!

Chickadee said...

Welcome to the 13!

I went through a phase when I liked Metallica, Soundgarden, Hole and Nirvana too.

Now I'm in a phase where I like Coldplay, Sheryl Crow, Garbage and Cowboy Junkies.

My 13 are up.

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

I like everything....even classical.

Welcome to Thursday 13. There are some really interesting sites on the blogroll.

Laura said...

welcome to tt!!!!!
mine is up.

amy said...

Good list..We have totalyl different tastes as Im not a fan of any of those but i liked the idea..

Skittles said...

Good idea for a TT! Happy TT and thx for dropping by mine.

MelnHead said...

I enjoy most of those groups as well. :) Happy TT (I'm up) to you as well.

Melissa said...

Welcome to TT! It's a lot of fun to come up with new and creative things each week and to visit other's sites.

Merry Christmas!

The Little Woman said...

I looooooovvvvvvvveeeeee Alice in Chains. I cried when Lane Staley died. LOL

They came here to OKC on my anniversary. I couldn't bring myself to go, though, because it just isn't the same.

Happy TT.

Jessie said...

Good list! I like several of the same bands.

Gette said...

Isn't it amazing the different places a foundation like Zep will take different ppl. I don't know or can't stand many of the bands on your list, but can see the relation to Zep in the ones I recognize. Weird. I went the more soul/blues direction.

My TT is up

BeccaLynn said...

Good List! But only 13 is too narrow.

Cheryl said...

Hey...at least I've heard of most of them. I haven't kept up much with music is the last few years.

Carmen said...

you're a rocker! cool. :)

JAM said...

I have to confess a love of heavy metal myself. Did I listen to Christmas music on the way to work early this morning? No. I did not. I listened to one of my Living Sacrifice CDs; total guitar/double bass mayhem.

I like many of the bands you list here. I think Tony Rombolla (sp?) of Godsmack is easily one of the most underrated guitarists out there.

Merry Christmas!

beth said...

I've heard of most of them too! Hope you are having a great day. Merry Christmas.

Janet said...

Mmmmm, oh yeah, Zep and Robert Plant in his early 20s YUMMY! Always loved the Beatles, too :-)

busy91 said...

Metallica baby! Woot!
I bow to Zep and the Beatles.

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

For me, I'd add H.I.M. Happy TT!

Starrlight said...

Wow The Dead Boys! Great List!

Rashenbo said...

Hehhe, some new names on there for me... but a good list! :) Thank you for sharing and thank you for visiting my blog.

Beth said...

Not my taste but great list- and I do like some of Soundgarden. Thanks for stopping by!

buttercup said...

I used to love Godsmack! What was that voodoo song?

Joan said...

Not my music, but to each his own, right? Enjoyed reading your list.

Christine said...

Welcome to TT! I love old school Metallica. Thanks for stopping by my site.

Knitting Maniac said...

The DH loves Led, too.

tiggerprr said...

Welcome to the Thirteen! :) I like a lot of those as well! :)

Sparky Duck said...

How often do you think we see the beatles, pantera and metallica on the same list?

kontan said...

Led Zeppelin is one of my favorites! Thanks for stopping by!

Caylynn said...

Cool list! Welcome to Thursday Thirteen. :)

The Beatles and Led Zeppelin are among my favourites. :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a good day!

Rene said...

I'm surprised I have any hearing left after the volume I used to play Metallica at. The other day a radio played "God Save the Queen" and I cranked that up (Steve Jones is dj in L.A. now). I don't think my 4 year old appreciated it.

she said...

Music always makes for an interesting T13 topic. Have a great holiday weekend.

kristarella said...

I've heard of most but am not very familiar with them. A bit heavier than my tastes I think. Except for the Beatles, haveyou heard the I Am Sam soundtrack? It's very good, Beatles songs but redone.

Luna said...

Excellent taste in music!