Question of the Day

Still checking out the many memes in the blooging world. I came across one called "The Question of the Day". Today's question is "So, tell us, have you ever met anyone famous"? Feel free to answer as a comment or on your blog and let me know so I can stop by and read it. :-) Here's my answer:

Yes, I've met quite a few famous people.

1) I met
Bruce Springsteen right after 'Born in the USA' came out. I was working in Greenich Village at a clothing store called Unique (Broadway and 8th) and he came in to do some shopping. I helped him pick out some sunglasses and asked for his autograph. He wrote "Dear Joanne, you're cute and just the right size too!" LOL I guess he likes us short girls.

2) I met and hung out with
Ace Frehley a few times. First time was in Florida and then again a few months later in Brooklyn. This was back in the '80's, soon after he left KISS. I'm a major Ace fan so meeting him was great! I have a lot of pictures and a lot of good memories from those times. :-)

3) We (Billy & I) met the guys from
Godsmack right before we moved to Florida. They played in Brooklyn and a friend got us backstage passes. They were cool as hell! We got their autograph as well.

Let's see...there's a few more that I'm forgetting. I hung out with John Kelly, drummer for
Type O Negative when he was in a band called Slider with our friend Bob. My uncle Anthony was in a doo wop group in the 50's called The Passions. (click on the link and he's the one on the left, listed as Tony Armato). They did a reunion show (along with other doo wop bands) at The Beacon Theater once and it was great seeing him up on stage. I met former NYC mayor Ed Koch, got stepped on the foot by racist bastard Al Sharpton while on jury duty, met Sebastian Bach and Carl Anderson when they were in Jesus Christ Superstar. (Carl was also in the movie..he played Judas).

There's probably more that I'm forgetting and if it comes to me, I'll add them in. :-)