Dwelling in the past

I'm not sure where I found this but I had it saved on my computer and wanted to share it here.

Many people unconsciously dwell in the past.
They choose to relive their past memory.
Day after day they think about their old life instead of living in now.
If you choose to adhere to the past all the time,

you will get stuck in your past reality and it will be hard for you to move on.
Past exist so that we can learn from it and move on.

It is the old events that have faded away so there is no point of reliving it.
Choose not to whine
Choose not to believe that life stays in the grey world of past
If the past is haunting you choose to let it go gently and choose to focus on NOW-
You live only once so choose not to live in a grey world.

Choose to enjoy every moment of NOW as life is all about living in the NOW.
Choices are made in the NOW, not in the past nor future