Unschooling is...

"Unschooling is about embracing the person for exactly who they
ARE, not who we want them to be.
Unschooling is about CELEBRATING each unique individual and focusing on their beauty and strength. Focusing on perceived weaknesses does not help it become a strength. And that which we view as a "weakness" may very well NOT be such.

Perception is reality for us.
Change your perception of your children.
Change your perception of what real learning looks like. Change your perception of this day, and this very moment so that you can find the JOY in it.

Then unschooling will begin to blossom in your lives and school/tests/grades/subjects will be forgotten in the swirl of
activity that is REAL life".

I've had this quote saved on my computer for a while and found it again while I was cleaning up some folders. It's something Ren posted on one of the unschooling e-mail lists.