Day 161

What we've been up to...

Shawna, and her storytelling club, performed a holiday program, along side members of the
Ocala Storytelling Guild, Saturday afternoon at the main branch of our city's library. She was fantastic! I'm so proud of her because she's come such a long way in the few years she's been in my life. Sometimes I look at her and I can just see her shining from the inside. :-) Some of our homeschooling pals showed up for support and we hung out for a bit afterwards. It was a really nice day. :-)

We've been watching the
25 Days of Christmas shows on ABC Family. Friday we watched Jack Frost (Jack Frost becomes human to win a lady's heart. But when she's in danger, he realizes that only magic can save the day) and The Polar Express (A little boy with a lot of doubt about Christmas gets whisked away on an unforgettable journey aboard the Polar Express. When he arrives at the North Pole, he meets the one person who just might be able to make him believe.)

Last night my daughter Jacqueline (8 years old) and my husband Billy went to an open field about a mile from our home to watch the space shuttle Discovery (STS-116) take off. (We're about 100 miles away from Cape Canaveral). Jacqueline has had a strong passion for space for about a year and she's the main reason why we went to the Kennedy Space Center in June. They said they saw an orange glow reflecting in the clouds, much like a sunset, only a brigther read and realised it was the shuttle's rocket exhaust. About 15 seconds later, they saw a red ball of flame coming over the tree line, going upwards. They watched it rise for about 90 seconds and then saw it seperate into three parts, which was the solid rocket boosters coming off.
Jacqueline hopes to be going into space one day. :-)

My daughters have been having a board and card game fest lately. Last week it was Uno, Connect 4 and Multiplication Bingo, which we played for money. This week it's
Mancala (paid $2 at a flea market) and Dominoes. As it gets cooler here, the games just keep coming out. :-)

That's it for us. :-)