submission for Unschooling Voices #6

This is my submission for Unschooling Voices #6. The question is: "What interesting activites, projects or experiments have your kids done this past year? We've gotten some really cool ideas from other unschoolers, so tell us what you've done in 2006!"

Early in the year we put a
time capsule together. We'll be digging it up and doing another on January 1st. This was a lot of fun! Shawna even made a map of where we buried it. :-)

We started our
Grateful Wall after much pondering about different ways to show gratitude. There are now over 100 thoughts written in it.

A couple of fun, nature projects we did were a
butterfly garden and a bird restuarant. We're hoping to expand on these two ideas soon.

This next idea came out of looking for a way to remember all the questions Jacqueline had in the car. We started a
question book, which is a spiral notebook where we write questions we have. We leave room for the answer and jot it in as soon as we know. It's a few pages long so far and it kind of looks like our own personal encyclopedia. :-)

This was fun!! We made
slime!! Billy made this with them one weekend and it was a real big hit with all of us! We used neon food coloring so the colors were very vivid. It actually lasted a long time.

This was another fun one! We should have bought more than one soda for the
soda geiser because it's over in two seconds. But it was two seconds of fun. :-) And if your kids are like my youngest and want to know the how's and why's, click on the link.

Shawna & Jacqueline have been interested in writing. Shawna has been writing
book reviews and we've been working on a story together. It's not finished so I haven't posted it yet. Jacqueline wrote a Seuss-like poem and a Barbie story.

Speaking of Jacqueline, here is a recent blog post about some
experiments she thought up on her own. She's very interested in, not only why things happen but what happens if we do this and this together.

One things that I haven't blogged about yet is ATC's. The reason I haven't is because I can't find my camera to post pictures! We've paprticipated in so many trades at
Imagination Tribe and ATCcards.com and have been having a blast making, and trading them!

Well, that's what we've been up to this year. I'm looking forward to reading what all of you have been doing!

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