The Grateful Wall

During the fall, I had been thinking of a way my family & I could express gratefullness on an ongoing basis. I thought of, and tried a few different ways but none fit. I was looking for something that would be accessable and that we could all participate in at a moments notice. I also wanted it to be something we could share with others.

What I decided to do was start a grateful wall.
I have a small area of empty wall space near the entrance of our new family room. I covered it in card stock paper and wrote "I Am Grateful..." in big letters at the top, leaving the rest of it blank and ready to be filled.
I started it off with a few entries scattered around, such as "...that Billy is in my life.", "...for peaceful Sunday mornings." and "...for long time friends."

I showed it to the rest of the family and explained that they could add stuff to it whenever they wanted.
And they have. :-)

We currently have about 65 comments on our grateful wall. It brings me such a sense of joy and contentment to read it. I love reading what the people in my family are thankful for. Some I knew about, but some surprised me.

And it always brings a smile to my heart when one of my daughters write about me. :-)

Here's some links that I like.
Spiritual Practice: Gratitude

There is a calmness to a life lived in Gratitude, a quiet joy.
— Ralph H. Blum


Susan said...

The wall of gratitude. What a neat idea. Thanks for the link, too.

I came across your blog out here in cyberspace, and really enjoy reading it. You have a great site! I'm a mom but not a homeschooler, though I do get a lot of inspiration from the homeschool blogs. Y'all have some great ideas.

Ron R said...

Love that idea.

Joanne said...

Thank you both for your comments!