Time Capsule

My kids wanted to put a time capsule together, being it was the start of a new year. We decided to bury it in the yard and open it next January.

We decorated a plastic quart size container and each of my three put in:

1. a photograph of themselves taken last month.
2. a self portrait using colored pencils.
3. a hand tracing.
4. a list of their favorite's (food, snack, drink, movie, playstation game, computer game and Christmas gift).
5. what job they would like to have when they get older.
6. something that they would like to learn about or learn to do in 2006.
7. a receipt from food shopping (from today, with the date circled) that shows prices of foods we buy.
8. a prediction about the price of one of the items on the receipt.
10. a list of their New Year resolutions.

We have a little under an acre, so we searched for a spot we liked and Cimion dug the hole.

Shawna decided to make a map so we would know where to find it next year. I helped them map out the yard and they marked the spot where we buried it.

It was a lot of fun-we'll probably do it again next year!


Ron R said...

Neat idea :) We'd have to dig through the snow and jackhammer to make the hole :(

Joanne said...

No snow here in Florida! :-)
It was a lot of fun...and quick & easy to do.

~Patricia~ said...

What a fun idea! Have a great year...and update us next year when your children open the time capsule they just buried! Blessings ~ Patricia