Cypress Gardens

We recently took off for a few days to celebrate our 3rd adoption anniversary. We've done something every year since the first ear and it's become an anticipated family tradition.
We drove about 90 minutes away from where we live, and visited Cypress Gardens. When you buy one day, you can validate your ticket and come back the next day for free. So we went two days in a row, which was nice because we didn't have to rush and everybody got to do and see stuff that they wanted.

They had a good mix of rides, shows and garden spots. Jacqueline's favorite ride was Thunder Bolt and Shawna's was Triple Hurricane. The water skiing show was great and the kids got to take a try at it the next day. . As soon as I develop my film, I'll post pictures on them out on the water. The only bad thing was the food. Not only did it suck, but it was soooo overpriced.

We spent two nights at
Lake Roy Beach Inn & Suites. The suite was okay, nothing to brag about, but the view and the area off the lake were just beautiful. Out our back door was a screen room and then after that a deck right off the lake. Beautiful tress, small sparkling lights and the heated pool off to the left. When we weren't at Cypress Gardens, we were out there enjoying the lake view.