Day 156

I just realised I never posted about Halloween. LOL
First of all, I hate Halloween in Florida. It's nothing like New York City...nothing like it at all. Not that many people decorate, not that many kids go trick or treating, it's actually quite boring. The other thing I hate is that the weather is still so warm that I've been forgetting it's even Halloween so I end up making a mad dash to the store to rummage through leftover costumes. This year it was Jacqueline who reminded me the week before..."Um, mom-Halloween is in 6 days and we don't have a costume yet". 6 days!!! How can that be...I'm still wearing shorts!!!

Anyway...Jacqueline was a geisha girl and Shawna was a vampire. They both looked great and my mom did their make up. I took pictures which I'll post as soon as I get them developed. Billy took them trick or treating. Cimion decided to stay home so he had the fun job of giving out the candy. He really enjoyed himself and the girls shared their candy with him when they came home.