Day 157

Today was a busy, fun day. Shawna had her weekly storytelling meeting at the library. She's getting really comfortable with telling her stories in front of others and she's using more eye contact and facial expressions than before. While she was there, Jacqueline & I went to Dunkin' Donuts and hung out. She had a kiwi slushie and a coffee roll, I had tea and a chocolate chip muffin. mmmmm. :-) It's nice spending time with her alone. :-) After that, Billy picked up Shawna & Cimion at the library and took Cimion to register for basketball. He just turned 14 two weeks ago and he's already 6' tall so I thought basketball would be something that he would like simply because his height may make it easier for him. He's never been much for sports but he said he wanted to try and see if he liked it. Their first game is in two weeks. It's official...my kids have a better social life than their parents do. LOL