Unschooling Voices #2: Radical/Whole Life Unschooling

Welcome to Unschooling Voices #2!

The third Unschooling Voices will be out on September 1. If you'd like to participate,
click here for the details. If you post a link to this months installment, please let me know (by leaving a comment here) so I can thank you with a link back. :-)

This month there are 18 participants who submitted 21 fascinating blog posts. As you click the links that take you to the different blogs, I encourage you to comment on the ones that you particularly enjoy (tell 'em we sent ya!) or maybe offer some words of wisdom to someone at an unschooling crossroads. As you read, keep in mind that everyone who participated is at a different place in their unschooling journey.

I was asked two questions recently and I updated the main information page to reflect the answers. One was about answering the monthly question after the month had ended. Of course! Feel free to answer any of the questions at any time. Someone else wanted to know if they could participate even though their blog was not an “unschooling” blog. My reply was that only the submitted post had to be unschooling related, not the main blog theme.

The (always optional) question for August was "Do you extend the principles of unschooling (trust, freedom, etc) into any other areas of your child's life"? September's question was submitted by Laurie!

On with the show! There were so many informative, witty and passionate posts this month. I hope your hungry…there’s a lot of food for thought here.

The first two bloggers are women who have helped me tremendously (and probably don’t even know it!). Thank you Ren & Sandra for your voices!

Sandra answered the
question for August with some great links from her website. This is a must-read site for anybody interested in unschooling.

Ren submitted several great posts! The first one answers the
August question. Here she blogs about a shift in thinking and then about how learning is all around us

Diana at Bodhicitta shares her honest and heartfelt thoughts on
unschooling through chemotherapy.

Cher submitted two great posts. The first, she says, is
“a taste of what unschooling looks like in the rest of our lives.” Her second post describes what reading looks like in their home.

JoVE talks about the
relationship between unschooling and life and the difference between a philosophy of education and a method of education.

Carlotta submitted a post on of the
"importance of freedom in learning and of how this freedom may be realized”.

Laurie talks about how her
family came to unschooling.

Vicki, part of an on-the-road unschooling family (how cool is that?), talks about
extending the principles of unschooling.
Chris answered this months question and shared her thoughts here.

Mama Chaos shares a post that takes a look back on “how I did most of my learning as a child through unschooling in my life and how I hope to pass that along to my children”

Schuyler submitted a post on
“resolving doubt or at least examining my children as people and not as statistical anomalies”

Ron and Andrea (who originated the Unschooling Carnival)
share their thoughts on this months question

Cindy blogs about
“how I have attempted to parent and learn with my children as organically as possible by being aware and mindful about what each child is telling me they need in their lives at any given stage.”

Janine blogs about a study
that shows benefit and value of play time with mom

Phoebe describes how “it became clear to me that
unschooling was a meaningful path for us , not only the "school" part of it". (By the way, you did a great job Phoebe! Thank you for submitting a post))

Tammy blogged about learning to
read in this post.

Laura answered the
question for this month in this blog post.

Dharmamama shares her thoughts on unschooling her children.

There you have it! Thank you to every blogger who partcipated.
It was an absolute honor to put this together. :-)