Day 132

Goings on in our home...

Jacqueline went to a birthday party for her friend Jasmine at Chuck E. Cheese's. Besides the noise level being almost deafening (which is ironic coming from me after all the hard rock concerts I've been to), I actually like taking my kids there. Every game is one token, which is great because 20 tokens each goes a long way and I always go to their website and print out coupons. Most of the time, we go after we eat and I just buy them a drink there, which they get free refills on. It's definitely worth it and of course, the kids love it. :-)

We had some of our homeschooling friends here yesterday....there were (including us) 5 mothers and 16 kids ranging in age from 18 months to 15 years old. :-) Everybody had a great time and they're all coming back next Tuesday. :-)

I bought an oregano plant a few weeks ago and just cut some of it back. After many attempts, this is the first time any plant has made it this far, they usually die soon after I buy them. I've been drying the cuttings in the laundry room since Sunday. I also bought parsley and basil....again. Maybe this will be my season. :-)

They say you should learn something new everyday and today I did. I learned what caused the Big bang theory and how it happened. Who taught me? My seven year old, of course! I've learned lots of things about space and the solar system from her. :-)

If you have young kids, then you know how much they love pretend play. Both my younger two love playing teacher and office. Those are their two favorite. But today there was a new one. Jacqueline was playing "publisher". :-) I love that kid. :-)