Links to Unschooling Voices #2

Thank you to the following bloggers and site owners who posted about the second edition of Unschooling Voices! It really helped get the word out.

If I missed someone that I didn't know about it, please leave the link here, as a comment and I'll include it. :-) By the way, Deanne...your link is not working. If you can correct it and leave it here, I'll add it. :-)

Unschooling Voices #3 will be out on September 1 and the (always optional) question for the month was submitted by a fellow unschooling parent!

Every Waking Hour
Homeschooling News
Dare to Know
Corn & Oil
Homeschool News & Muse
Wired for Noise
A Typical Homeschool
Sandra Dodd
Just enough and nothing more
Adventures in Living
Avec Mes Zebres
Living in Freedom Everyday
Throwing Marshmellows
Why Homeschool

PS: Am I the only one on blogger that can't save drafts? It's been like that for about 3-4 weeks now. Anybody else?

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