Day 133

Wow..it's been a busy month for us. Some good, some not so good.

We just celebrated Jacqueline's 8th birthday. I took them (my three) to Chuck E Cheese in the morning (we had the WHOLE place to ourselves for about an hour before some other homeschooled kids came) and the staff gave her ice cream, a hat and a balloon because she told them it was her birthday.
Billy & I gave her a small Barbie backpack (not the school size, more like a purse size), a watercolor paint set with brushes, a technique book, watercolor pad and brushes, a very girly plastic case with tons of girly stuff in it like lip gloss, hair things, bracelets and glitter, a Disney CD with all different songs from different movies, a Disney Princess sticker book, a solar system sticker book and a t-shirt that says Rock & Roll on it with guitars and all kinds of rock symbols (loooong story with this shirt-she wanted a guitar for her birthday and I bought the shirt to go with it. We ended up not getting the guitar because she's left handed and I think I have to switch the strings for her but then I need someone to tune it and I hadn't had time to find a place that does that yet. So...we're going to try and get the guitar for Christmas but the shirt probably won't fit her by Christmas so I had to give it to her now.LOL!!)
We had a small cake for her on the actual day of her birthday but Saturday her friend Jasmine slept and Sunday my cousin Maryanne and my Aunt Mary came over for our monthly Italian dinner, so I ordered one of those big Barbie cakes for her, but it was a surprise. She actually asked for it but I told her that I wasn't going to buy a big cake like that unless she was having a party. hee-hee. When we bought it out I thought she was going to self combust! LOL!!
My mom renewed her subscription to Disney Princess magazine, Cimion & Shawna chipped in and bought her a CD that she wanted....All American Rejects, Jasmine gave her a Barbie doll and a dress up skirt and my Aunt gave her a Strawberry Shortcake journal and activity book.

All in all...a nice 8th birthday for a beautiful little girl who deserves all this and more. :-)

There's more to tell but I'm being called to look at the tattoos my girls are putting all over (and I mean ALL OVER) their bodies. LOL!! Billy said they got it from me...I have six tattoos. :-)