Jacqueline and her Brownie troop went to Build-A-Bear with the money they collected from their dues all year and each girl had $50 to spend. Billy volunteered as one of the drivers (it was in Gainsville which is about 30 minutes away) and bought Jacqueline an extra outfit. She picked out a dog and it's SO CUTE!!! :-)

Brownies starts again tonight and Jacqueline is very excited! This will be her 4th year in Girl Scouts (she started in Daisy's) and her last year as a Brownie. Next year she moved up into Junior Girl Scouts. I just bought her a new vest and one of the Brownie skorts. Shawna will be starting tonight also, as a Junior Girl Scout in a different troop for older girls. She's looking forward to meeting new girls and making some friends. :-)