Day 130 (Cheers & Jeers)

The girls & I went shopping today for arts & crafts suppplies. I wanted to pick up some colored card stock, metallic or paint markers and some stickers for the Artist Trading Cards we've been making and trading. Jacqueline also wanted to see if she could get a felt tip pen for drawing.
I have an educators discount card from joanns craft store, (open to all homeschoolers) although I had haven't been in the store yet to shop. I also had two 40% off coupons for Michaels craft store, each coupon only good for one item.
We went to Michaels first because I wanted to ask if they have a educators discount program also. Jacqueline found her pens and used one of my coupons to buy them. When I asked about the card, the cashier said no, that they didn't offer one and she added that she didn't understand why...with joanns being so close you would think they would try to get the teachers and homeschoolers to shop there.
I decided to buy one item at Michaels and use my other 40% off coupon and buy all the other items in joanns.

Shopping in joanns was a breeze. The staff was very helpful and friendly and I found everything I needed. They had tons of stuff on clearance and the cashier used my discount on everything, not just the regular priced stuff.

So, cheers to joanns craft store for giving a discount to homeschoolers. You can apply online and even use your discount for online purchases.

In the end, I spent $5.27 in Michaels and $34.78 in joanns. :-)