About Us

Hi, I'm Joanne. Welcome to An Unschooling Life. :-)

We're a multi-racial, unschooling family of five; My husband Billy & I are native New Yorkers (from Brooklyn) and we moved to moved to Florida in 2002. We have three children, Cimion (15), Shawna (12) and Jacqueline (9). Our non-human family members include Buddie, a 11 year old, very cool free-roaming green iguana, Mini, an overly attached, 8 year old black miniature poodle and TJ, Mini's sister (they're from the same litter) who became ours after my mother passed away in (07/07/07).

The majority of my blogging here will be related to unschooling (meaning homeschooling without a curriculim) and 'radical unschooling' or 'whole life unschooling', which extends the principles of unschooling into the rest of your life.

In 2003, we adopted our three children (they're half-biological siblings). They had been in foster care for four years and were 5, 8 & 11 years old when we adopted them. Our unschooling journey started in 2004 and we've never looked back or regretted it. You can read our
adoption story by clicking the link in the sidebar and although I'll blog about it from time to time here, most of my adoption writings will be at Forever Parents.

This blog is also home to
Unschooling Voices, a monthly collection of submitted blog posts sent in by fellow unschooling families from around the world.

Comments and questions are always welcomed. :-)


Deena said...

Would you be able to let out your last name? I am writing a paper on international adoption and I am using one of your quotes for my paper, and I need to cite this page. But I only know your first name...