Day Twenty Nine

I found a new place for Jacqueline to get her hair done. After the last incident, I need to be careful of who I let Jacqueline be exposed to. She is much more than just her skin color and I don't want her thinking she has to conform to someone else's idea of what she should be.

She tried out a jazz dance class this week and liked it. It's on Monday evenings and I told her she can attend as long as she wants to and if it ever becomes not fun, to let me know. Billy & I decided to not let her perform in the recital, maybe next year if she's still into it. We've both been involved in many, many dance recitals and frankly, it takes the fun out of dancing. When I opened my dance studio, The New York Dance & Fitness Center Inc. we never had recitals and I would never want her love of dance to be squashed by the pressure and stress of one. If she decides she wants to be involved next year, we'll discuss it then.
For right now, I just want her to have fun!

We got some videos mailed to us yesterday from blockbuster online. One is Jumanji and the other is Cirque du Soliel: Varekai. About half way through Cirque, my girls got up and danced and tumbled and spinned and jumped in front of the tv for the rest of the dvd. :-)

We've been trying to add to our computer software collection so we went to Toys R Us to spend the last of the money we had on the gift cards. We ended up getting Totally Spies and of course the girls love it. :-) Shawna is playing with it right now and while Jacqueline is waiting for her turn, she working on a 100 piece Bratz jigsaw puzzle I bought, over the weekend, for 50 cents at a flea market.