Day Thirty Two

I took Cimion to his Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist League on Saturday. Shawna came with me and we sat in Joe Muggs (in Books A Million)and had hot chocolate. She had a white chocolate cookie and I had a brownie with mine. It was nice to just hang out with her for a while. :-) I try to make it a point to spend a little time alone with each of them. After that we checked out the clearance racks and I bought a book on volcanos and a mad libs book for $1 each. Shwana bought a book on nail art for $1.
Cimion has a lot of fun at the duelist league. He traded a few cards and had a four way battle with some of the kids.

Today, Billy took the kids to their CCD class and I went to the flea market with my mother. I was able to pick up quite a few things I've been looking for.

First was a heavy duty plastic tool box for $5. Billy & I have been putting tools aside for them, so they can have their own set, but we needed a tool box.
I was also able to find a vendor that makes up wooden signs. I've been looking for someone who does this ever since we moved to Florida! I had them write "Benvenuto" on it, which is "Welcome" in Italian. It's now in front of my house. :-)
I also picked up a few movies for the kids. Shrek, Anastasia,
Yu-Gi-Oh, The Emperors New Groove and Aladdin and the king of theives. I also bought two Lilo & Stitch computer games, Hawaiian Adventure and Trouble in Paradise.
Another good deal was a solid wood Mancala game for $1. The vendor also threw in Boggle for free because the egg timer was missing.

I think I did pretty good today. I really enjoy the flea market near me (and it's only 4 minutes away). Over the past couple of years, I've been able to sell there also. Instead of having a yard sale at my house, I pay $8 for a table there and get all their traffic.


Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

It was so nice to find your blog and *find* you. I have family from Brooklyn...even got my wedding dress at Kleinfeld's! We are less than 2 hours away, and I lvoe taking the kids to Manhattan!

I think homeschooling is such an amazing way to solidify your blended family! Look forward to reading more...Angela

Joanne said...

Hi Angela! Thanks for stopping by.
One thing I miss about Brooklyn is that I can't take my kids to Manhattan when ever I want. We're planning another trip next year though!
Say hi to your family in Brooklyn from me!