Day Five

We re-enrolled our three in the CCD classes at Our Lady of the Springs (Roman Catholic church). They went last year, all three got baptised in April and then Cimion & Shawna did their First Holy Communion in May. This year, Jacqueline will do her First Communion.
Billy & I are far from religious. My personal religious views are agnostic and I find myself frustrated with organized religion. I am a spiritual person though. I believe in treating people with an open mind, I don't hurt anyone or any animals and I go out of my way to help people.
So why did I enroll my children?
When we adopted them, it was important for Billy & I to make them the same religion as us, as is the case with most families. It was just another way for us to connect. Now that they're baptised, they are always free to drop out of the classes if they want and they are always free to choose another spiritual path at any point in their life.
They actually enjoy it though. :-)
It's a small church and they know most of the kids that attend from last year so it's kinda fun for them also.
We went out to eat in the evening, at our favorite Chinese-American buffet. We don't go out to eat much (as a family of 5 on one salary-we prefer to spend extra money on other things) so it's nice when we do go.