Day Thirty Four

Jacqueline went back to the jazz class she tried last week. She said she enjoyed it so we paid for the month. It's so weird for me to have a daughter in a a dance class having spent so many years teaching other kids dance. She met up with a girl that used to be in her Daisy troop so she's kinda happy to see a familiar face.

Shawna's decided to try Girl Scouts so I found a troop for her and she went for the first time this week. :-) I hope she likes it. Jacqueline has been a Girl Scout for 3 years and she loves it!

As of yesterday, Shawna is "offically" off Adderall now. We went to her & Cimion's med. check up and their doctor was very happy with my report on how well Shawna has been doing off if it for the last month. He told her he was very proud of her and told them both that they have come a long way. He loves that we homeschool them and always tells us what a good job we're doing. It's nice to hear. It makes it easier that we're on the same page. We also talked about how Cimion has been anxious lately. He asked me a bunch of questions relating to anxiety and Cimion scored very low. When he asked Cimion whay he was so newvous, Cimion said it may be habit. I was very proud of him, first for even answering the doctor (he usually is so nervous that he just mumbles)...but also for coming up with a possible reason. The fact that he is trying to take responsibility for his actions is a huge step.

Jacqueline had Brownies tonight. They're getting ready for a weekend at the Girl Scout camp. It's what they earned for selling cookies last year. They're leaving tomorrow and will be back on Sunday.
I'm a little nervous, she's never been away from us (besides spending the night at my mom's) and it's going to be a bit weird not having her in the house. I told her she can take my cell phone and call us if she wants to come home. The troop leaders are so great...I know Jacqueline is going to have a great time. I'm going to pick up a bunch of disposable cameras so all the girls can take pictures. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hello JoAnne, I love your blog. At least I have of some way knowing about your families daily digest. Since you have not much time calling us. I really would love to come over again with my kids and Bill. We do miss you guys, would be fun to meet again, even so I know you guys are working on your house right now. I would like to come to the thuersdays meeting at the Jervey Gant Park, but right now Bill goes to school on tuesdays and thuersdays and I have to meet him on thuersdays at his lunchbreak to cash his paycheck. But hopefully by the end of may I be able to attend.
Love you all and miss you
Manuela & Bill

Joanne said...

Hi Manuela!
We want to get together (that's why I e-mailed you a couple of weeks ago) but it's been hectic since the holidays. We're having a Super Bowl party on Feb. 5th and we'd love to have all of you come and hang out!
Let me know!