Day Six

The past few days we've been doing lots of Christmas shopping. The kids use their own money to buy gifts for each other and us and they make gifts for other family members.
Cimion bought a Care Bears coloring/activity book for Jacqueline, a package with 5 different lip glosses for Shawna and a $5 gift card for Burger King for Billy. He's finishing up a color by number of butterflies for my mom. We'll frame it when he's done. He's going to make wooden snowman napkin holders (made from per cut wood) for Aunt Mary and Marianne.
Shawna bought a barbie picture frame for Jacqueline, a Goosebumps book for Cimion and a pair of slippers for Billy. She made keychains with their names for Aunt Mary and Marianne. She still has to make something for my mom.
Jacqueline bought a Pony Pals book for Shawna, an Nascar chapter book for Cimion and a bag of Twizzlers and Life Savers Cream Savers for Billy. She also bought a book about grandmothers for my mom. She made and framed a color by number of a peacock for Aunt Mary and made a picture for Marianne using "lumpy paints".
Billy & I went shopping last week and bought them a 14' trampoline and a telescope! I'm so psyched for them to open it!
We also went to the library book store and donated 4 big bags of books! While I was there, Jacqueline saw a Disney Princess talking book that she wanted and I also bought a book on yo-yo tricks, American Indian legends and a book on the sun.
We couldn't hang out with the homeschool group because it was pouring!! We ended up staying in and writing out Christmas cards.
Jacqueline had her Brownie meeting tonight. She made some cute ornaments for our tree. They're also putting together a basket of toys to be given to charity.
Billy rented the movie about Hans Christian Andersen from Blockbuster Online in the mail today because he wants to watch it with the kids. :-)