Discovery Science & Outdoor Center

We went to the Discovery Science & Outdoor Center today. They hold Homeschool Labs on various science related topics. We've went to two of them already. The first one was on sinkholes and erosion and the second one was all about microscopes. Here's a blurb about the one we went to today:

Astronomy: Visit the exciting STARLAB Portable Planetarium right inside DSOC. Students will learn the fall and winter constellations. A short session on how to use a telescope (if you have one, bring it, otherwise, we’ll share ours)will be provided. Students will also view the Sun with our solar telescope. Finally, Earth’s place in the Solar System will be examined with a unique outdoor activity.

The Starlab was very cool! The kids enjoyed it and we saw some friends there, which is always nice. :-) It was from 10:00 until noon but it ended about 12:30.
We were supposed to get together with our friends Dale and (her son) Kenny afterwards and hang out at a park but the weather has been so rainy lately, that we decided to skip it.
We ended up going to Burger King for lunch and then we went home and watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. :-)
In the evening, a friend of the girls 'K' came over and played with them for a few hours. The three of them love pretend playing and tonight it was restaurant. They pulled out all the play food and the Home Depot aprons and set up shop. :-)