Day Four

We really enjoy the weekends now that Billy switched jobs and is off. It's been so great having him home on the Saturday & Sunday the past few months. :-)
Cimion's Yu-Gi-Oh Duel League meets on Saturday morning so Billy dropped him off about 11:30. He really enjoys it and is making some friends there. There's one kid that he knew from when he was in school so he's been hanging out with him. There's about 20-25 boys that attend from ages 8-17.
Jacqueline got her first letter today from her penpal! She's so excited!! I'll help her get a reply out this weekend. :-)
The girls and I rented the entire first season of Little House on the Prairie on DVD from Blockbuster Online and we watched about 5-6 episodes today. I love Blockbuster Online so much...we can rent unlimited DVD's, keep them as long as we want (3 at one time), they deliver them to my door and they pay for the postage to send them back. Plus they send us coupons for free rentals in the store. We also rented the animated version of The Hobbit, which we'll be watching tomorrow.
The kids are all in bed and Billy & I are going in the jacuzzi. :-)