New Award and Some Sidebar Additions

Silvia over at Po Moyemu gave us this very cool award! It's new home will be in the right sidebar along with some other awards we've recieved from fellow bloggers. Thanks so much Silvia. :-)

I'm supposed to pass it on to other bloggers. I decided to look for some of my favorite blogs that didn't have one yet, instead of giving it to someone who already had one. :-) In no particular order...

Doc's Sunrise Rants
Wired For Noise
Phat Mommy
Vegan Momma
Another Roadside Attraction
Warts And All
Relaxed Homeschool
Meanderings of a Gentle Gull
Second to the Right
Throwing Marshmellows
11) Learning in Freedom

There's a few other additions to our sidebar...

1) I linked to my post about
Rewarding Children To Learn in the left sidebar under "Posts Of Interest".
2) I added the link my my
sk*rt and Blogging Zoom profiles in the right sidebar under "Also Find Me Here".
3) My girls and are are taking part in the
Creative Everyday Challenge and we've added the button in the right sidebar. I'll try to do a recap on the weekends of the creative things we've done each week. We're looking forward to doing this!


Summer said...

Oh wow, thanks for the award!

Joanne said...

You're very welcome! :-)

Kim said...

Yeeha! Thanks Joanne! I sure needed an award for a spirit lifter, now that I've returned to winter up north. Honestly though, it wasn't that warm the whole time I was in your neck of the woods. My mom said it was unseasonably cold and blamed me for bringing in an arctic blast. Hmmph.

swampy said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday.
I'll be back to read this award-winning-blog.

Joanne said...

Hey Kim...you're welcome! Yes, it was kinda cold the week you were here...hmmm, maybe your mom is right! lol Today it's supposed to be in the high 70's. If you ever come back this way, please let me know so I can buy you a cup of coffee. :-)

Swampy...thanks so much!! :-)

Mandaroo said...

Thank you Joanne! What a nice surprise to open up this morning.

Shannon said...

Thanks so much!! Sorry it took me so long to stop by here...

Joanne said...

No apology needed. I understand how life is. :-)