Do you know what plant this is?

Does anybody out there know the name of this plant? When my mother passed away (so sad to type that-it's 11 weeks today) I inherited all her plants. I have a black thumb (unlike her who was nicknamed Mother Nature) but I'm determined to not kill any of them (there's about 15 different ones). This one just bloomed and I'd love to know what it is so I can take care of it better.


Anonymous said...

Hi, It's your friendly florist. Will call you on Monday, if it's quiet around here:/ The plant is a dendrobium orchid, very hard to take care of. Go light on the water, and they need a special light. Read up on them on line.
Love you. By the way the color on that plant is gorgeous, as well, the blooms should last a little over a week

Joanne said...

Thanks Adrienne! I appreciate the name...now at least I know what it is. I did a search as well as asked on a plant forum. Yes, it is beautiful isn't it? It bloomed while I was away in NYC and it was a nice suprise to come home to.