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Most blogs come with 'nofollow' tags built into the comment area. This was originally supposed to be a way to deter spammers because their links wouldn’t be indexed by the search engines.

So, if a search engine (like Google or Yahoo) sees a rel="nofollow" tag on a link, they will ignore it. They don't follow the link, and they don't count the link in the site's rank (the site of the person who posted a comment).

Some bloggers got together and created the "I Follow" movement and it's built up a lot of momentum. Blogs today have the ability to control the comments on their blogs (either through various plug-ins or moderation) so the 'nofollow' tag is not really needed anymore.

I removed my nofollow tags from this blog because I want to allow anyone who leaves a comment, a real link in return. In other words, by removing the 'nofollow' tag, a search engines will be able to find the link that you leave in a comment or when you link to any of the posts here at An Unschooling Life, or my adoption blog and you'll gain a backlink on the the search engines as a result.

What about you?
Are you going to share the love (the link love that is) and join the "You Comment, I Follow" movement? Check the bottom for a loooong list of other Do Follow bloggers. :-)


jdoriot said...

Great! Do you know of any other homeschool blogs that "do follow"?? I haven't found a lot...

Dana said...

Charity and I do. Charity is with it enough to have her badge in the sidebar and mine is one of the many things I never got to.

And Charity would be from the blog "All things hold together."

I'm sure it will grow in the homeschool community now that a couple people have started.

granola*girl* said...

I don't really know what this is.

Where's the link to the info about it?

Silvia said...

I'm interested in doing this to my blogger sites. Do you have any advice to give on how to do this?

Tinu said...

I don't know of any other home school bloggers, but there's a whole NoFollow blog that is over at Bumpzee.com - I'm just one of the members, not the founder. They're a fun bunch of people.

Shawna said...

Still new to the whole blogging thing snad learning slowly...so have look more at it LOL It's a little like a foriegn language to me.

Aziz said...

As a tribute to those bloggers who follow links (remove nofollow attribute from links) in comments and trackbacks I have created a custom search engine to search within blogs that follow links in comments and trackbacks. Hope this will be helpful to bloggers who are in search of posts in their niche to comment on.

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If not you can simply contribute by sending in the URLs of the blogs that follow links in their comments and trackbacks section.

Don't forget to bookmark this custom search engine for your own use.

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Anonymous said...

i do follow too :) since it´s the only way to improve your pagerank. at least i think so. or is there another way?! if we didn´t have do-follow, then it would take a loooong time to make your page popular.


Anonymous said...

i´m in a do-follow blogroll too but are there other do-follow blogrolls as well? i´d like to join another one. i´m in tricia´s (great ;)) blogroll. if you know another, let me know.

thanks for visiting ;)

majikfaerie said...

So... how do you remove the nofollow tags?

Anonymous said...

i´d be interested in more of this do-follow "movement", too. got any information for us?

CyberSt0rm said...

Welcome to the do follow movement :)

Don't forget to stop by other sites every now and again.

cyberst0rm's tech blog

Hoto said...

do follow is a good movement. i`ve joined too and like works

mlankton said...

I always apply a nofollow to links in my articles. I'm not linking to other blogs, I'm linking big sites with fat pageranks that don't need my paltry google juice. Also Wikipedia gets nofollow, as I've read how Wikipedia is a black hole that nothing comes out of.

Hoto said...

i like do follow. it drives a litte traffic to my blog and gives some incoming links as a reward for my commentators. so feel free to come to my blog and leave a comment. i follow too !!!

Pips said...

The do-follow-list is a great idea. I´m listed, too.

TammyT said...

Ok, I searched all around wordpress and couldn't find where this setting is. I never really understood what the point of nofollow was, so I always ignored it when I saw it. Now I know what it is, I can't find it.

Isn't that the way of the world?

So, I'm with you in theory. And my blog is potentially configured with follow, but I can't make any promises.