Early Christmas Shopping

Am I the only one that does Christmas shopping all year round? I find that with three children, it's financially easier to buy things throughout the year than try to to it all right before the holidays. Also, doing it a little at a time gives me the time to pick out gifts that they'll love.

I've blogged before about Jacqueline's passion for space & astronomy and we'll be re-doing her room with a space theme for her birthday in August. I want to be able to buy her a telescope for Christmas this year and I've been checking out a few sites lately. As I find interesting things, I'll blog about them for anybody else with a space cadet in their family. lol If anybody has any suggestions, I've love to hear them. :-)

One of the sites I checked out has something called meade my sky. It's a hand held, point and shoot guide that instantly identifies over 30K celestial objects in the night sky. It sounds like something Jacqueline would really get into. It says you just turn it on, point it at a celestial object, and pull the trigger to identify planets, stars, nebula, galaxies and more. The price is not bad either and it came with free shipping.

They also have a full line of telescopes. I don't know much about telescopes yet- it's something I'm going to have to read up on before I buy one. If anybody has any tips, I'd be appreciative.