My tattoos

I've never posted pictures of my tattoos, although I've been wanting to for a while.

This was the first one I got and it's on the side of my left ankle. I got this the year before I opened my dance studio. Quick story: It was done by an artist named Sweat. Being it was my first, I had no idea what to expect and I was yelling and screaming a lot. lol I apologised but he told me that he was into S & M and that as a sadist he appreciated the fact that I was so verbal with my pain. He thanked me and told me not to hold back.

That was my introduction to the tattoo world. LOL

All the rest were done by my friend Pete.

This is a tribal anklet with dark red hearts. It was a gift to myself when I had quit smoking cigarettes for one month! I took the money I would have spent on cigarettes and got a tattoo instead. It was very symbolic to me and actually helped me stay away from picking them up again. It's been 10 years now.

I got Billy's name a year before the hearts. I'm not sure if you can notice it but his name is in purple and has a heart for the dot over the 'i'.
The three hearts represent each of my three children. It was a gift from our friend Pete, the tattoo artist, after we finalized the adoption. Each of my children picked their own color. They're on the back on my left shoulder.

This was just a fun one, no special meaning other than I like witches. I wanted a cute one, almost fairy-like that had red hair. I think she's adorable. She's on the back of my right shoulder.