Fun in the hot tub

Out of all the things Billy & I have bought over the years, this is the best one. I am so in love with my hot tub. :-) And it seems so are my kids and their friends. :-)

Here's the girls with some of their friends. They had all just been in the pool but it got cold after a while so they jumped in here to warm up.

Um, Buddie-I know you like hot water, but I think 103 is just a bit to hot for you.


karisma said...

Oh he is just darling! Oh and the kids are cute too! Im envious, Ive always wanted a pet like that but my nasty little 10 year old terrier likes to kill them. She took ages to get used to our new pupply who she now tolerates. She still occasionally tries to get the bird or rat out of there cages if she gets the chance. Very antisocial! She did however get her come uppance one day when she discovered a rather large blue tongue lizard in the backyard which she promptly tried to attack. Sadly for her he was quite big and bit her on the nose, for once she retreated with her pride hurt.

Joanne said...

We've had Buddie for for about 10 years now (she's almost 11) and she is the coolest pet I've ever been owned by. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Lol. Gotta love Buddie.

Joanne said...

:-) She's been through quite a lot in her life so far. She ran away from home for a week and we found her a MILE away. She climbed down the outside of our two story house when we lived in Brooklyn and sunbathed on the sidewalk. Her latest trick is to use the doggie door to get out of the screen room. My own dog won't even do that without tons of coaxing and praise. LOL!!!