Day 176

The world according to Jacqueline (age 8):

1) I was talking to Billy on the phone and when we hung up I said aloud, to nobody in particular, "I love my husband". Jacqueline, who was reading in the same room, looked up from her book, smiled at me and said "He loves you too". :-)

2) My daughters always tell me that I spoil our dog Mini and that I give her to many treats even when she doesn't do anything to deserve one. Like when we come home from being out, I give her a treat because she watched the house for us. :-) They tell me that all Mini has to do is look at me with those big, brown eyes and I give her a treat. So, the other day Mini was laying on Shawna's bed and Shawna covered her with her blanket. When I saw her (and took this picture) I said "Aha!!! You're spoiling her too!!!".

Jacqueline corrected me and said, "No mommy, that's pampering, not spoiling". "What's the difference?" I asked, because it sure looked like spoiling to me. "Spoiling is when you fall for it".

Um...okay. LOL

3) The other day, Jacqueline & I were in the screen room, getting ready to go in the hot tub and she said "Do you think boogers and snot are the same thing"? I told her I wasn't sure (with a totally straight face) and asked what she thought. She said that she thinks boogers are dried up snot. Good thing we weren't getting ready for lunch. :-)


kimzyn said...

She's a card. Please share with her my theory that boogers are dried up snot with added dirt particles from filtering air. Obviously, I've thought on this for hours!

Joanne said...

LOL!! I'll tell her. She'll be thrilled. She can't wait to get a microscope so she can look at it up close. LOL