Day 168 (non-human babies)

Here are photos (taken today) of my two non-human babies. :-)

First is Mini. She's a 7 year old, miniature poodle and we've had her since she was about 7 weeks old. She loves to play tug-o-war, chase squirrels and enjoys hanging out and watching the kids when they're playing a board game or watching TV. She's very attached to my husband & I, and she sleeps in bed with us every night. :-) Her nicknames are Mini Pearl and Minnie Ha Ha (given to her by my mother's late husband), The Princess (given to her by Shawna) and Minala Goldberg (given to her by one of our friends). We usually call her Mini Girl.

Next is Buddie. She's a 10 year old, green iguana (scientific name: Iguana iguana). We've had her since she was about a year old and she was 22" long (from head to tail) and weighed one pound. Now she's 44" inches long and weighs about seven pounds. :-) She is a free-roaming iguana, meaning she's not caged. She basically lives in our screen room (1,200 sq. feet). This time of year she spends her days outside but sleeps inside because it gets cold at night. She's very user friendly and allows people to handle her.