Learning without school

Jacqueline (8 year old) attended "Thinking Day" with her Brownie troop (she's a 4 year Girl Scout). The theme was "Friendships around the world". Each troop created a display for their chosen country and Jacqueline's troop did America. Her troop leader, Sharon (who we love!!) told Billy that Jacqueline knew more about the American flag than anybody else. Billy jokingly said "Hey-not bad for a first grade drop out." To which she replied, "That's because she's lucky and has Joanne teaching her'. Billy didn't have the heart to tell her that she never had a formal history lesson and she learned it on her own. :-)

I asked her how she learned all that and she said "I listen when you guys talk about stuff and I probably read some of it in a book. Also, from the TV show Libery's Kids". :-)