Day 173-Buddie's great escape.

My iguana, Buddie ran away from home last week. It's not the first time and I don't think it will be the last.

You see, this time of year is when she would be preparing an area to lay her eggs. Iguanas can produce eggs even without a male iguana, they just won't be fertilized and Buddie has, when she was younger, laid as many as 50 eggs over a two day period. In the past, she has gone through great lengths to escape during this time of year, despite our efforts to create a nesting box for her. In the wild, they dig burrows underground and fill them with eggs.

When we lived in Brooklyn, she ripped a hole in the screen and climbed down the side of a two story house . More recently, she ripped a hole in our screen room and was missing for a week. Someone found her a mile from our house.

She hasn't produced any eggs in a few years now (she's 10 years old) but she still goes through the same ritual of wanting to get out. So last week, she was missing and I start freaking out. Luckily we found her a few hours later, sleeping on one of my neighbors front lawn. We realised she got out through the doggie door. It was really only a matter of time before she figured it out.

Today we were outside in the hot tub and she tried to do it again.

I let her go for a while so she could get some exercise, but she wasn't happy that I was following her and taking her picture. She kept stopping and looking at me. I guess it's no fun running away when mom is with you. :-)


Danielle said...

Poor little thing!

Joanne said...

Buddie or me? LOL!!! I was a nervous wreck when she was missing and Buddie could care less. LOL..

Seriously though, I feel bad for her because she's following her instincts and she's very determinded to get out. No matter what we do this time of year, she seems to outsmart us.

Danielle said...

No, the iguana. I just felt so bad for her, wanting to protect her "babies". It reminded me of when my dog had a false pregnancy. Those chihuahuas from the Taco Bell meals became her kids. It was so sad.

Joanne said...

Wow...animals are amazing.

***Typo above: It should have been determined***