Day 167

This past Sunday. we had our annual Christmas party with our children's former foster parents, Pat & Bill & their new foster children (all five of them!) and Lance, their former foster brother (who also lived with Pat & Bill at the same time as my kids) and his parents, Chris & Kelly. This is the 4th year that we've done this and I hope it continues for many more years to come. :-) I know Pat & Bill enjoy seeing their "kids" as they grow up and we enjoy their company also. :-)
I took a bunch of pictures and I'll add them here as soon as I develop them. All the kids got along great and had a lot of fun playing in the yard on the trampoline and playset. We ordered pizza and made mozzerella sticks and salad. (it was yummy!) After we had desserts (chocolate cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, pineapple cake, chocolate covered pretzels and cookies covered in white chocolate) we opened gifts by the tree.
Billy & Cimion will be seeing Lance & Chris again in a few weeks when they go to
Daytona Speedway for the 5K Walk/Run. They went last year and are looking forward to going again, and possibly camping overnight at the track.

We're still watching the
25 Days of Christmas shows on ABC. Last night we watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (what a classic!). The shows end on Christmas night. What a blast seeing some of those old Christmas shows were. It brought me back to being a kid and watching with my parents. :-)

We're not ready for Christmas...but then again, we never are, so why fight it? LOL I hope you're enjoying your holiday season. :-)